What Delaware Injury Benefits And Damages Am I Entitled To?

What Benefits Are Available After Being Injured In Delaware?

In the unfortunate event that you are injured due to another's negligence in Delaware you may be entitled to various benefits depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, the extent of your injuries, and who or what caused the accident. There can be a single party at fault or multiple liable parties. Some of the numerous benefits you can potentially be eligible for are:

Medical Expenses (current and future)

The insurance carrier or insurance company that insures the person or entity that injured you will typically pay for your medical bills. If you were injured in a car crash this is true if you were driving the vehicle that was hit or you were a passenger in the vehicle. They are responsible to pay your medical bills for up to 2 years following your accident. Medical expenses include: treatment devices, medication costs, doctor visit costs, hospital/inpatient stay costs, dental work as a result of the accident, chiropractic costs, surgical costs, anesthesia costs, x-rays, ambulance transport expenses and nursing or home health aide costs. 

Sometimes this 24 month window may not be sufficient as your injuries may require long term care. Working with a skilled Delaware Personal Injury Law Firm will accurately determine your future medical expenses and negotiate on your behalf so that all future medical expenses are compensated for.

In the event someone was killed in the accident the family of the deceased may be entitled to medical bills prior to death.

Delaware No-Fault Laws Regarding Auto Accidents

The state of Delaware mandates that every registered motor vehicle carries no-fault insurance. No-fault insurance covers passengers inside the hit vehicle to have medical bills and lost wages paid by the insurance company insuring the hit vehicle. This is regardless of who is at fault or liable.

Lost Wages

Lost wages due to being injured due to another's carelessness or negligence are compensable under Delaware law.

Pain And Suffering

In Delaware pain and suffering compensation encompass any physical, mental, emotional and psychological trauma as a result of the accident. If your injuries are severe enough you may be subject to a diminished quality of life. 

If your injury was caused in an auto accident; under Delaware Uninsured Motorist Law you can seek compensation through your own insurance company if the driver that hit you is uninsured. Pain and suffering damages are extremely difficult to establish monetarily without the aide of an experienced Delaware Injury Compensation And Benefit Attorney working on your behalf. 

It is important to note that pain and suffering benefits may not be afforded in all Delaware Personal Injury Cases. The exact circumstances of your accident and whom or what, caused your injury will determine if you are eligible for pain and suffering benefits. A knowledgeable Delaware Injury Lawyer will determine if you qualify for pain and suffering compensation. 

Wrongful Death Compensation In Delaware

Delaware Wrongful Death Law allows for the family and dependents of the deceased person to file claims for:

Funeral And Burial Costs

Loss Of Future Wages Benefits

Loss Of Companionship Benefits

Loss Of Parental Guidance Benefits

Loss Of Consortium Benefits

As it is very complex to calculate these benefits it makes sense to hire a skilled, and experienced Delaware Fatal Injury Claim Attorney. They may be your most valuable resource in getting you appropriately compensated following the accident.

Contact A Delaware Bodily Injury Benefits Lawyer

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