What To Do If Approached By Liable Parties Insurance Company After Being Injured In Delaware


If you are injured in Delaware due to another's negligence you most likely have concerns regarding what to do following the accident and how you can protect yourself legally. After the accident you should immediately seek medical attention, even if you feel fine. Once you receive appropriate medical attention several things may happen. One of the first things that may happen after being injured is that you may be approached by the at fault parties insurance company regarding a quick and easy lump settlement for your injuries and damages. 

Since being injured in any type of accident is never pleasant, it may initially seem like a good idea to accept the settlement so that you can begin moving on emotionally from the accident. Accepting their settlement is never a wise move on your part for several reasons which are outlined below. If you are approached by the liable parties insurance company it is in your best interest to reject their offer and seek legal representation in the form of a Delaware Personal Injury Lawyer. 

Reasons To Reject The Liable Parties Insurance Carriers Offer

1. The insurance company has their best interest in mind, not yours

2. It takes time to determine the total and true monetary value of a Delaware Personal Injury Claim. The total financial value is directly related to the extent of your injuries, current and future medical expenses, missed work time and lost wages and other factors. Accepting a settlement shortly after the accident does not allow enough time to determine the true lifetime value of your injury claim.

3. Delaware allows for several means of compensation and damages related to an auto accident. The liable parties insurance carrier does not take all of these means of compensation into account

4. Accepting the settlement offer from the insurance company will prevent you from taking further legal action regarding your accident and the resulting injuries

Consulting with and ultimately retaining a Delaware Bodily Injury Attorney will ensure that you do not give up your rights and that you receive maximum compensation and benefits based on your injuries.

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