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Delaware accidents can result in many types of injuries. One common, yet very severe, type of injury is a crushing injury. As the name implies the injury crushes the part of the body or appendage the object comes into contact with. A crushing injury can be somewhat minor and involve dropping an object on your finger, toe(s) or foot. These types of crushing injuries can me mild to moderate injuries and can be relatively easy to recover from. More serious crushing injuries can involve crushing entire areas of the body such as the chest cavity, an arm or your legs. 

If you have suffered a crushing injury in Delaware it is important that you speak with a skilled and experienced Delaware Crushing Injury Attorney. Call The Freibott Law Firm at 302 633 9000 in New Castle County, Delaware or Kent County, Delaware. If you were injured in Sussex County, Delaware please dial 302 227 9559. You can also email The Freibott Law Firm here. The Delaware Crushing Injury Attorneys at The Freibott Law Firm have many years combined experience handling crushing injury lawsuits in Delaware. Call The Freibott Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation.

The Lasting Effects Of Crushing Injuries

Crushing injuries can exert many long lasting effects on the impacted appendage or body part as well as your entire life. Crushing injuries typically do extensive damage to the skin, bones, organs and nerves feeding the effected body part. You may never fully recover from a severe injury and if you do it may take years. Crushing injuries, if severe enough, can lead to loss of sensation to the effected body part, nerve damage and tissue necrosis. Crushing injuries may also call for amputation of the effected body part in order to prevent infection or further health complications.

Where Crushing Injuries Can Happen

Crushing injuries can occur in any type accident where your body or body part is caught between two heavy objects. Crushing injuries can occur:

During Auto Accident

In The Workplace

At A Job Site Or Construction Site

In An Office Or Administrative Setting

In A Retail Store If Merchandise Falls Onto You

In Health Clubs, Gyms And Fitness Centers

In A Premises Liability Accident

Your Life Following The Crushing Injury

Your life may be placed on hold while you recover following your injury. Your recovery may take an extended period of time and unfortunately, many medical procedures and treatments may be necessary. Extensive medical care, surgeries and physical therapy and rehabilitation may be necessary. Medical costs associated with recuperating from a crushing injury can be overwhelming. You may also be forced to take time off of work. That can further impact your financial security and stability. Depending on the nature of your accident, when and where it happened and how severe your injuries are you may be entitled to medical benefits and financial compensation. Contact a skilled Delaware Personal Injury Law Firm regarding any sources of compensation you may be entitled to.

Call A Delaware Injury Lawyer And Let Them Help You

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