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The ankle, also known as the talocrural joint, connects the 2 lower leg bones to the foot. The ankle bones are called tarsal bones and consist of the talus, calcaneus, navicular, cuboid and cuneiform bones. The ankle is also bound by several ligaments which offer support to various sides of the ankle. The ankle is a fragile bone complex and can easily sustain an injury in the event of an accident. If you have suffered a Delaware Ankle Injury it is a wise move to seek legal advice from a Delaware Ankle Injury Attorney.

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Signs And Symptoms Of An Ankle Fracture

A fractured ankle can be detected with the help of an X-Ray. This will clearly show where the fracture is and how severe the break is. An X-Ray will also outline if there are any secondary injuries such as torn connective tissue or breaks. Other ways to diagnose an ankle fracture are the inability to bear weight on the effected foot, obvious deformity and lack of ankle or foot movement.

Ankle Fracture Treatment

Many ankle injuries and fractures will ultimately require surgery. In severe cases metal bolts and or rods may need to be surgically implanted to hold the various ankle bones together. Following surgery immobilization will be necessary. This will be done either by wearing a cast or splint. In very minor ankle fracture injury cases it may heal on its own and is treated much like an ankle sprain. 

Compensation Amounts In A Delaware Ankle Injury Case

The state of Delaware allows for several sources of compensation and damages to be awarded if you are injured due to the negligence of another. It is impossible to apply a figure to the compensation you may be entitled to for your ankle injury without taking several very important factors into consideration. Some of these factors are current and future medical expenses, possible lost wages due to missing work, physical therapy costs, and financial compensation. In some cases you may be entitled to pain and suffering compensation for your Delaware Ankle Injury. An experienced Delaware Ankle Fracture Attorney will identify all liable parties and explain any and all compensation and benefit sources available to you. 

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