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The tibia is one of the two lower leg bones. It is also referred to as the shinbone. The tibia is a very strong bone and it connects the knee to the ankle bones. In an accident the tibia is very vulnerable to breaks and fractures. These breaks can take place in several spots along the tibia. Various types of accidents such as auto accidents, slip and fall accidents and worker's compensation accidents can injure the tibia. If you have suffered a tibia injury in Delaware please speak with a Delaware Tibia Fracture Lawyer immediately.

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Accidents Causing Tibia Fractures

Many types of accidents can result in tibia fractures including, but not limited to:

Car accidents

Truck accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Workplace accidents

Slipping accidents


Benefits Commonly Awarded In Tibia Injury Cases

A tibia injury or fracture can mean your life is put on hold until it is healed. This may mean you may miss time at work, you may have to undergo significant medical treatment, surgery and physical therapy. With that you may be eligible for benefits such as:

Lost wage compensation

Future lost wage compensation

Medical benefits

Pain and suffering (if applicable)

A skilled and experienced Delaware Personal Injury Lawyer will be able to determine what benefits you may be entitled to. They will fight to get you the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

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