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Accidents of all types in Delaware can cause many types of minor, moderate and severe injuries. What type of injuries you will face in an auto accident primarily has to do with the type of accident, the type of vehicle that hit you and where you were situated in the vehicle at impact. A very common and very serious car accident head injury is an occipital lobe injury. The occipital lobe is located at the back of the cranium, or head and is part of the forebrain. This portion of the brain allows for processing of visual stimuli. Injury to the occipital lobe makes it difficult for the victim to read, write, distinguish colors and determine size. 

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Occipital Lobe Injuries Resulting Accidents

Any type of car, truck or motorcycle accident that exerts force to the back of the head can injure the occipital lobe. A rear end collision, where the head is thrust forward and then slammed back into the seat can cause an occipital lobe injury. Head-on car accidents can also cause injury to the back portion of the brain, the entire Central Nervous System and its surrounding structures. The occipital lobe is especially vulnerabe to injury in a motorcycle crash even when wearing a helmet. This is due to the body sliding and bouncing along the roadway and the back of the head being slammed onto the road repeatedly. Falls, slips, assault and being hit in the head by falling objects can also cause damage to the occipital lobe. 

Your Life After The Occipital Lobe Injury

Many issues will result from your car accident. You may have monstrous medical, therapy and medication bills, your car will need to be repaired or replaced and you will have to focus on your physical recovery. With all of that on your plate it makes sense to consult with Delaware Occipital Lobe Injury Liability Lawyer.

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