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Dover, Delaware is the capitol of the state of Delaware. It is also located in the center of Kent County, Delaware. Dover, Delaware is home to many families, people, organizations, businesses and manufacturing plants. Dover, Delaware has an extraordinary amount of activity occurring on a daily basis. The more people and activity the higher the odds of you being injured due to another's carelessness or recklessness. In the unfortunate event that you have been injured in Dover, Delaware it is in your best interest to speak with a skilled Dover Delaware Injury Lawyer.

Contact The Freibott Law Firm at 302 633 9000 or 302 227 9559. You can also email The Freibott Law Firm by clicking here. The Dover Delaware Personal Injury Attorneys at The Freibott Law Firm offer free consultations to injury victims and their families. Call them today and let them fight for what you deserve.

Common Types Of Dover Delaware Injuries

As any type of accident can occur in Dover, Delaware so can almost any type of injury. The Freibott Law Firm has experience handling all Dover Delaware Bodily Injury Cases including, but not limited to:

Dover Delaware Head Injuries

Dover Delaware Neck And Back Injuries

Dover Delaware Broken Bone Injuries

Dover Delaware Nervous System Injuries

Dover Delaware Internal Organ Injuries

Dover Delaware Skin Injuries

Damages Awarded In Dover Delaware Injury Lawsuit Claims

There may be several means of compensation you are entitled to for your Dover Delaware Personal Injury case. The type of accident that caused your injury, who caused the accident and the extent of your injuries typically determine what damages you may qualify for under Delaware Personal Injury Liability Law. You may be entitled to lost wages compensation, medical benefits compensation and vehicle repair compensation. In some case you may be entitled to pain and suffering compensation provided your accident was not a workplace or work related accident. Delaware does not award pain and suffering compensation for work related injuries.

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If you, a loved one or someone you care for have been hurt or injured in Dover, Delaware call The Freibott Law Firm at 302 633 9000 or 302 227 9559. You can also reach them via email by clicking here. The Dover Injury Attorneys at The Freibott Law Firm operate on a contingency fee basis meaning that they charge nothing unless they recover on your behalf. Call them today to schedule a free consultation.

The Freibott Law Firm competently and effectively handle all bodily injury cases on all Dover, Delaware roads and highways including: Route 1,Route 8, Route 10 Route 13, and Route 113.

The Freibott Law Firm handles all types of personal injury claims throughout Dover, Delaware including the following zip codes: 19901, 19902, 19903, 19904, 19905 and 19906.