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An accident of any sort involving the spineal column has the potential for serious, catastrophic and life altering injuries. A very serious type of injury is a spinal cord, also knows as the spinal column, injury. Car accident, truck accidents, slips and falls and many other types of accidents can inflict damage and injury to various segments of the spinal cord. One of these segments that is prone to injury is the lumbar spine, or L-Spine. The lumbar spine is the lowermost portion of the spinal column and has 5 vertebra: L1-L5. The lumbar spine and lumbar vertebrae innervate and regulate function of parts of the lower body and trunk. Injury to the lumbar spine can result in difficulty walking, controlling movement in the hips and possibly paralysis. If you, or a loved one, have sustained an injury to the lumbar spine area you should contact a Delaware Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer immediately. 

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Lifelong Complications Following A Lumbar Spine Injury

Sustaining a lumbar spine injury can impact your daily life forever. Unfortunately, many people never fully recover from a spinal cord injury. Injury to the lumbar vertebrae may hinder:

Your ability to walk

The curvature of your spine

Thigh flexion, adduction and abduction

Extension of the leg at the hips

Extension of the leg at the knees

Flexion of the leg at the knees

Flexion and extension of the toes

The extent and severity of your lumbar spine injury is directly related to which vertebrae were injured. A complete spinal cord injury involves complete loss of function below the effected area. An incomplete spinal cord injury involves only partial loss of function below the effected vertebrae. 

Benefits And Compensation Awarded In Delaware Spinal Cord Injury Cases

In a Delaware Spinal Column Injury Claim there are various benefits and means of compensation that can be awarded per Delaware Personal Injury Liability Law. Each case is different from the next regarding what damages are awarded. Possible damages can be:

Medical Benefits (including physical rehabilitation, medication costs and future medical costs)

Lost Income Compensation

Future Lost Earnings Compensation

Diminished Quality Of Life 

Pain And Suffering (Pain And Suffering Compensation Entitlement Will Depend On The Circumstances Of Your Accident)

Having a skilled and experienced Delaware Spine Injury Attorney in your corner will ensure that you get the maximum amount of compensation and benefits for your injuries from all possible compensation sources.

Contact A Delaware Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

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